Monday, March 01, 2010

Cloaked Links

Cloaked links are something people when they are busy promoting a lot of affiliate products

Infact, people don't like to click on a link that looks like an affiliate link.

Psychologically, they do not want you to earn a commission or get the credit for them purchasing the product.

Another reason is that affiliates often do some aggressive and silly things when promoting a hot and heavily promoted affiliate product.

These things result in spam complaints and a large volume of email that causes large ISPs and web hosting companies to blacklist the affiliate product's domain, even if temporarily. This means bad news for you: If you promote using the URL given by the affiliate program, then you will also be blocked and banned by the ISPs and hosting companies, thus your email will not be delivered.

As you use your own domain in your promotional materials, advertisements etc, you will begin promoting your domain and branding your domain in the eyes of your subscribers and visitors.

Another advantage of using your own redirect URL and your own domain, is that you can easily change the affiliate program that your are promoting, just by changing the destination URL in your redirection program. Imagine if you were using the affiliate programs' URL in your promotional materials such as emails, adverts, adwords, classifieds, articles etc. You will have a really hard time changing all the links to point to the new program that you are recommending.

In fact, for some of the promotional channels that you use, it will be impossible to change it once you have promoted it.

Note the difference if you use a cloaked link !

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