Monday, February 25, 2008

Internet Home Business ....don't ever close up..

Internet Home Business has come a long way over the years. Thanks to the home computer and Internet, you now have access to unlimited information and opportunities, and unlimited ways to make money..

It is even more clear from the fact that most of the successful companies today on the internet, had one thing in common. That most of them, started from nowhere, and all they had was access to a computer, a connection to the Internet, some free time and a determination to succeed so as to obtain their financial freedom!

Most of them didn't start well. They faced many problems, didn't understand the concept and had to learn from their mistakes. They had to take one step at a time and evaluate the results. Most times, they had to retrace their steps. But they didn't give up. In fact they returned stronger and more determined to discover and understand. Then slowly, things started getting better and better every month.

New ideas were born, they started exploring and getting to know how Internet works and how they can capitalise from it. Slowly, income streams started appearing and their commissions grew monthly. This is a classic example of most success stories on the Internet.

I have mentioned this so as to emphasize that there are no instant riches on the Internet (no matter what some of the internet marketers say). Your primary objective would be to lay a solid foundation and the rest should follow automatically.

Now the one common factor was that they were not willing to call it quits whenever they faced a stumbling block. So, no matter what....don't ever close up shop and call it quits.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Death of Internet Marketing

Scott Boulch, Mike Filsaime has chosen an attention-grabbing title that would make precisely anyone involved in internet marketing sit up, and read what he has to say in his latest offering

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This new FREE report exposes the current "Downtrends" facing Internet Marketers and details the strategies of new trends that can make future millionaires of those who read it now...

Warning: This is not a hyped up report using scare tactics to sell any product later. There is no 'One-Time-Offer' after you claim the report. In fact, there is no hidden agenda at all.

This report is packed with information and exposes a terrible trend facing marketers today and details information on our future, which is already being discussed by many of the top marketers online today.

This is One Report you will want to read and share with your partners. You may be shocked out how differently you will look at online marketing when done. After reading this report, you will be ready to easily survive and profit in 2007 and the years to come...

Last but not least, for every person that you refer to download a copy of this free report, Mike Filsaime will pay you US$1.00 including those people on your 2nd tier. Simply put, this means you will continue to get paid when your referrals refer their first level of people to download as well.

Finally, download Mike Filsaime’s The Death of Internet Marketing now.

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