Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is The Internet A Capitalistic Medium ?

One thing I love about the Internet is it is nothing but capitalism — a completely free market, dynamic in every way. In fact, socialism is dead as a threat because of the Internet.

That said, one of craigslists' great weakness is its socialistic tendencies.

Craig has got a great background and is truly on of the Internet Pioneers… he was there before most of us even knew what the web was..

Taking into consideration all internet indices and other factors.. the internet has no age limits.. kids have the facility to watch porn.. besides, if you need any answer it is available. In other words, you can check the internet for any info that you want and if needed you can even copy and plagiarise. Now these are some factors that don’t come under capitalism but under socialism…

Not that it makes any difference, but there has to be some curbing of these issues. Not that porn or plagiarism matters, as it happens elsewhere as well, but with having free access and a free market means we have to cope with these things as well.

The fact it is free, doesn’t mean much

The fact it is dynamic is indicated by the contextual ads which keep changing..

BAsically, there is no control and that in one way is the best factor of the internet..

But even that has its limitations… (there are sufficient lawsuits to prove that, so I may be quite wrong as to the capitalism part, although it is definitely a bit more freer than other sources

Long live the internet



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