Monday, January 26, 2009

Back To Scrawl

Hello there to all your scrawls

Have been away for a few days and the blogs were in charge with my man friday who was being paid a considerable to do a bit of affiliate talk

On second thoughts, I should have asked him to write what he likes best, that is movies and gossip, instead of affiliate marketing.

It appears, I have received a few complaints that a few posts have been "lifted" from here and there -

Please feel free to drop me a line should any of your posts are in this list, so that proper courtesy and credit can be given to these posts

Only a month and a half and there is work enough for more than two months - next time am gonna write some posts in advance and have it arranged to be posted.

Anyway, hope you all had a great new year bash and wishing you all an even better 2009.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Online Dating Services And Dating Guides

Online dating is incredibly popular with millions around the world.

In fact, online dating is now a easier, far less expensive alternative to the singles nightclub. Men and women, now find relationships online from the comfort of their home computer. If you are somewhat new to the online dating scene, there are so many dating guides available. There is also a Guide on Online Dating for some useful dating tips, advice, and other valuable information that will help you succeed in finding that special someone.

Now, there are plenty of such books in the market. A few very good ones are listed on the side, and more such guides that provide useful dating tips are available at the above drop-down menu.

Online-dating and adult personals are also one of the most sought after areas to make money online. Just for the records - the personals and dating category held its position as one of the largest paid content category above business and investment content, with $400 million plus in revenues, with an average 20% increase every year. Studies show that dating revenue shot up as much as 75% last year alone, and is targeted to grow well beyond expectations. It's no wonder, that Online Dating services is one of the money making opportunities and most exciting business and personal opportunities flooding the internet today.

However, this is an area, I was always apprehensive about. Mainly, because of a personal experience. I had joined an adult dating site some time back, to give it a free trial and was busy chatting away through my messenger. Little did I realise, that my online friend on the other side remove her clothes as she claimed that it was rather hot out there. Now this is a common situation. Eventually, I did switch the machine off, although reluctantly ! Now this is not an example to not start dating online, nor quickly joining an adult personal site. The word adult is contrived in the english dictionary. I say so because, anyone between 18 to 99 is an adult. but why is that, that word triggers the thought of sex into one's mind ?

You have to come to terms with the fact, the enormous make fast money potential that the adult personals and internet dating market has. As a result online dating affiliate programs are also one of the most sought after ones. There are numerous, dating and personals sites out there and if I guess correctly, most of them are doing quite well. A few of the good ones are mentioned highlighted on the left. However, if you are new to the market, you can always give each one of them a free trial, before signing up as an affiliate. I am not specifically recommending any one, as EACH ONE is good in its own way - so I won't be doing any justice by singling out a particular one. The problem is there are hundreds of dating web sites out there on the Web.

The best solution, you can take advantage of the FREE trial for these different dating sites before joining their affiliate program You can also experience the fun of interacting with an online date. However, PLEASE also note that some of them contain some adult or soft porn material. The personals and dating affiliate program revenue potential has a high rate of return. In short, the opportunities available for anyone with a website are enormous.

Mentioned below are some good dating guides

No more Dull Dates

Are you tired of the same old dates? If you really want to spice things up and impress your date, then try out these 300 Creative Dates.

500 lovemaking tips
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In plain language, it is exciting and fun content to capture the attention of visitors. So get ready to find a partner and also make money with Online Dating And Personals