Monday, January 28, 2008

Keyword Articles

To begin with, a short explanation of what a keyword article is.

When a search engine user begins to look for information on a particular subject, there are certain phrases that are used by the vast majority of people. For example, if you’re building a web site and want to know how to get on the first page of Google, you may type in “Top Rankings”, or maybe “First page of Google.” Because these search phrases are tracked by various methods there are tools available that will tell you which phrases are the most popular for a particular subject.

Keyword articles attempt to capitalize on this by using the search phrase within their text. As the search engines index web pages, they’ll use these phrases to determine the subject matter of the page and rank it accordingly. Sounds pretty simple right? And it is. In the early days of the web it was possible to increase your ranking by simply repeating the search phrase as many times as possible. But as internet use began to become widespread, the search engines were forced to become more sophisticated in order to weed out the sites that abused this fact. After all, a web page that was a constant litany of one single keyword was of very little use to a researcher, and the whole idea of the internet was to deliver information and not keywords.

In order to deal with the problem, Google, Yahoo, and MSN developed highly complex algorithms to separate good, highly informative sites from the so called “spam” sites. Today, in order for a site to achieve high rankings, the site has to deliver good information in a unique way. These search algorithms have now evolved to a point whre the overuse of a keyword, or just stuffing keywords into an article, will get a site penalized in the rankings, or in some cases, even eliminated from the search results altogether.

So what makes a good keyword article? First of all, a keyword article has to give the user good solid information. Secondly, the use of the keyword phrase has to occur in a natural manner. Forcing the issue only results in an awkward reading article and defeats the intended purpose of the keyword article.

If you intend to use keyword articles on your site, make sure that you’re a good solid writer. Unfortunately many site owners are not natural writers and their articles reflect that fact. Other site owners will go overboard in their use of the keyword phrase and end up getting penalized. If you aren’t a natural writer, or you don’t have the time to do research and write good articles, then hire a writer to do them for you. There are a number of sites where you can find freelance writers who are familiar with keyword articles so that’s not a problem. But remember that you’ll generally get what you pay for. While it may be tempting to go for the lowest bid, (and the bids can get awfully low), you simply won’t get a quality keyword article for a few dollars. Worse yet, you may end up with computer generated articles that are almost incomprehensible or even plagiarized material. If you truly want to achieve high rankings, keyword articles are an essential part of the formula, but they have to be quality articles that deliver good unique information in a useful way. If you can write that type of article you can write your own keyword articles. If you can’t, then enlist the aid of a qualified writer to produce the keyword articles for your site.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Forex - How to pre-determine market highs and lows

For those interested in Forex, check this one out

I received this a few days back - and just didn't know what to do with it - Perhaps some of you might be interested !

Personally, I have not checked it.

Let's put it this way - I ain’t the Forex type or to put it bluntly, I don’t know what these guys talk about.. So if anyone is interested, read on..

Apparently, this is a video course and it teaches you the techniques that professionals use for predicting market turning points. Whether you trade Forex, Stocks, Options, or Futures, you will learn exactly how to apply Fibonacci to your trading.

You can also download it and watch "FibMasters" step-by-step videos, and you will know how to pre-determine the highs and lows just the way the pros do!

It is said that many traders use Fibonacci techniques every day. If so, you too can benefit from these dynamite-trading techniques. In a few hours you can be a Fibonacci expert.

This is a complete course; it includes exercises and 21 video segments, a total running time of almost 3 hours.

Try and download and watch "FibMaster's" step-by-step videos, and perhaps you can be applying these charts to your trades tomorrow.

The feedback received from people/ buyers

There has been a proliferation of Forex schemes as of late. Most people do not have any idea what the Forex market is and therefore they think they can compete in it. Most people are wrong. As a little bit of knowledge can be more dangerous than none at all. A program such as this cannot give you enough knowledge in market reading to compete in Forex. It takes years to master technical analysis, particularly in the currency markets. I am afraid that people could take this course, feel that they have a handle on Fibonacci, and then get crushed in the market.

Currency markets or free markets in general cannot yet be consistently accurately modeled with any formula to a degree in which applying such a formula gives you a distinct advantage over other traders. There are too many variables. What is certain though is that there will be plenty of people selling trading systems that are "guaranteed" to make you plenty of money. If you think you can watch a few videos and then do well with Forex or any type of trading then you deserve what you get which will most likely mean a big drain on your bank account.

Unfortunatley, these guys know what they are talking... but, apparently, this video is 100% guaranteed for 90 days.

Satisfaction or your money back! So give it a shot !

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Creating your own Ads

Many affiliate programs nowadays provide you with promotional materials that you can use. These sometimes cover the full spectrum of advertising, such as banner ads, PPC ads, classifieds, text links, ezine recommendations, solo ads, forum signatures, and even blog posts!

My advice to you is to take the provided material and see if it is appropriate for your list. Always rewrite what was provided in your own words, using your own usual tone of voice. Trust me, your subscribers know how you normally write to them. If you use the text provided by the affiliate merchant verbatim, they will know that it was not written by you.

Also, many of your subscribers are also subscribed to other online marketers' lists and they will be receiving the same promotion from them. If your email looks exactly the same or even similar, your subscribers are going to lose some respect for you, as you have just regurgitated an email supplied by the affiliate merchant.

It is important that you provide your own perspective on why they should purchase the affiliate product in question. One of the strongest perspectives that you can provide is that of someone (you) who has purchased the product and is giving a review and letting them know how it has helped you, and how you are using the product in your everyday life.

If you can create or offer a unique and special bonus that ties in and compliments the product, then make sure you do that. This bonus could be as simple as a tutorial, a field book, or a companion guide. It can be in the form of an ebook, audio or video (so long as it is digitally delivered).

This will make your email, ad or promotion stand out and avoid the problem of being just another “me too” ad which your subscribe will be tired of getting.