Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is The Internet A Capitalistic Medium ?

One thing I love about the Internet is it is nothing but capitalism — a completely free market, dynamic in every way. In fact, socialism is dead as a threat because of the Internet.

That said, one of craigslists' great weakness is its socialistic tendencies.

Craig has got a great background and is truly on of the Internet Pioneers… he was there before most of us even knew what the web was..

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Benefits Of Forum Posting

"Forum posting" is one of the easiest, cheapest and not to mention fastest way in which you can advertise affiliate products on the Internet.

However, there is a small cliché. In order to successfully implement this, you must be careful of the following..
  1. By just simply starting a thread with an affiliate link is a sure way to get your post and yourself banned from a particular forum. Furthermore, it is also not a good way to generate any sales.
  2. You don’t put up any affiliate links in a forum board, unless you have completed putting up several posts in the forum. There are forums, where you can’t even load a signature file before completing a minimum of at least 10 posts. Although most forums may not specifically mandate this, your real goal is to put up a signature file with a link to your site.
  3. You can start by finding a number of forums for your particular niche or marketing view-point.
You can find massive lists of forums at the following URL:

This is currently the largest forum directory on the Internet.

However, there are also other affiliate forums, which are equally prominent...

ABestWeb Forum

Warrior Forum

Digital Point Forum




Money Online Biz-Whiz

Free Ad Forum

Affiliates World

First you have to select and shortlist a number of directories that match your specific marketing view-point or perspective and which also is in line with your affiliate product. Next, you would have to conduct a small research and identify whether they have any specific or excess rules relating to signature files.

For example, there are forum-sites which permit links in signature files and there are those ones which do not allow them. What you would have to do is to make sure that you are aware of these rules, before you begin posting in to that forum.

If not, you are just setting yourself up to be banned from that forum.

The next step is to make a list of the forums that you have created – that are not only relevant to the subject topic, but also allow commercial linking. Now is the time to begin developing a reputation on those forums.

In other words, make it a habit to post regularly and avoid meaningless arguments with juveniles (and some seniors included) and try and contribute useful information relating to the discussions.

I am sure that within a time span of one to two weeks, you are bound to have developed a reputation in the forum, given the fact that the forum receives a considerable amount of traffic.

And then you will truly begin to see the effects of "forum-posting"