Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pre-Selling The Product

When you are sending traffic to an affiliate product, master the art of the pre-selling before you even take your visitors to the product page.

This means – never send your traffic directly to the affiliate page.

Always have an intermediary page that explains to your visitor why they should clickthrough to the product and purchase it. But don't do a hard sell here. Just get them into a nice frame of mind as to what this product will be able to solve for them, so that they are in a better frame of mind, pre-disposed to buying the product when they are brought to the product sales page.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Cloaked Links

Cloaked links are something people when they are busy promoting a lot of affiliate products

Infact, people don't like to click on a link that looks like an affiliate link.

Psychologically, they do not want you to earn a commission or get the credit for them purchasing the product.

Another reason is that affiliates often do some aggressive and silly things when promoting a hot and heavily promoted affiliate product.