Tuesday, May 13, 2008

AffStat 2008 Report

The AffStat 2008 Report is now available for immediate download in PDF format.

The survey covered the overall statistics for affiliate programs, as well as a number of issues that face affiliate managers.

Areas covered in the survey included affiliate networks, staffing, affiliate recruiting, and management.

Below are the questions being asked for the AffStat Report:

  1. How does your program determine commissions?
  2. Does your program have dedicated management (no other duties for affiliate manager)?
  3. How many affiliates do you have?
  4. How many new affiliates do you acquire per month?
  5. How many click-throughs do your affiliates generate per month?
  6. What is the conversion rate for your affiliate program?
  7. What percent of your affiliates are active (defined as having generated at least one click last month)?
  8. What percent of your affiliates earned commission last month?
  9. What percent of the total transactions on your site are generated through affiliates?
  10. Do you approve affiliates automatically or manually?
  11. Which network(s), solution provider(s), or software program(s) do you use to track your affiliate program(s)?
  12. Do you have a blog for your affiliate program?
  13. What was the largest commission you paid to an individual affiliate in one month?
  14. Do you permit your affiliates to bid on your trademark name(s) in pay per click search engines?
  15. What types of rewards and/or incentives do you offer to your affiliates?
  16. What is the biggest challenge in affiliate marketing?
  17. What's your most effective method for recruiting affiliates?
  18. Which type(s) of data feeds do you provide to affiliates?
  19. Do you provide individual affiliates with exclusive coupons (i.e. coupons in name of affiliate site)?
  20. Do you allow affiliates to promote coupon codes that were not made available through the affiliate program?
  21. Do you manage the affiliate program in-house or are you an outsourced program manager?
  22. What is your annual salary (including incentives and bonsues)? [in-house employees]
  23. Does your salary include incentives and bonuses? [in-house employees]
  24. What is your total monthly compensation for the affiliate program you manage (including percent of transactions if applicable)? [outsourced program managers]
  25. Does your compensation include performance incentives? [outsourced program managers]

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