Monday, May 01, 2006

1stPromotion's Integrated Income System

The 1stPromotions Integrated Income System... I have been rambling on for these last few days, on anything but affiliate marketing.

So I thought that something had to be done, before this turns into a madhouse !

Perhaps it could be of some use to you guys..

Imagine, If You Could Have Your Very Own Money-Making Website That Is So Powerful, and Holds So Much Passive Residual Income Potential Within Minutes.

It seems to cost nothing to join and agents can build a substantial income over time from over 20 vendors as well as build a downline of subagents

You can just plug it into your website and make sales daily from products that you never new existed.

If this is the case, anyone playing in the ClickBank field is sure to know that their checks will increase within a one two-week pay period.

Although Clickbank has been around for years and has earned an excellent reputation online, they sort of lack a proper "user interface" department. What they have at the moment is a a simple log in that will show you your sales but as far as powerful options to analyze and manipulate your data, they have none.

Basically, 1stPromotions Integrated Income System offers a 100% search capability to ClickBank's Marketplace of over 11,400 ClickBank products with their new Pro Storefronts. As a result, YOU can find more of the products and deals that you want quickly and easily, and affiliates can earn commissions on a much more extensive line of products.

A Clickbank recommended search solution they do have the ability to customize the ads just like Google does so you can make them look exactly like Adsense ads.

Since all the ads are shown from the ClickBank Mall, the way it works is that they will substitute your ClickBank ID into the ads.

You can also either select the search terms to match with your site OR let the program determine them from the page title and heading. These new and improved storefronts are ready and waiting for shoppers, as well as new affiliates to market and run them.

For those interested in owning their own profit-pulling Internet business, it is to be noted that
The 1stPromotions Integrated Income System
offers top commissions and more benefits than any other ClickBank Storefront

Check out the demo site, it gives you an idea of what you are in store for. More info is given at the below link

You can also visit an alternate ClickBank Mall, should you need another alternative

So give it a shot and tell me what you think about The 1stPromotions Integrated Income System..


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Thanks Scott.....

Let us on it...

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