Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who’s Making Money From Your Parked Domains ?

How many of us have bucketfuls of unused domains?

Well if you do have domains parked at GoDaddy, take a quick visit to one and check it out.

So here’s a thought. Instead of a domain registrar profiting from your parked domain(s), how about changing things so you profit instead?

Make Money From Parked Domains


*Note: I have *zero* experience with the above programs. Check out the various terms before choosing one to see which fits best with your domain portfolio (minimum payout, payment methods, traffic requirements, etc.).

I would think earning money from parked domain monetization depends on type-in traffic. Not too optimistic that the domains I currently have will bring any traffic, but heck - it’s free to give it a twirl so why not. If I find out GoDaddy has been making major cha-ching from kazillions of daily visitors on one of my parked domains - I’ll be so mad at myself!

I’ve opened an account at sedo to try things out.

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