Saturday, September 16, 2006

James Martells Affiliate Marketers BootCamp

Received this a few days back.... a must for all aspiring affiliate marketers..

James Martell Kicks Off First Ever Online “BootCamp” Training Via The Internet

Students Build Sites from Comfort of Their Own Home in Engaging, One Evening Per Week Sessions, For Eight Weeks

The 8-week curriculum will be delivered one evening per week for eight weeks, with each "night-school" style class dedicated to one of the eight steps outlined in Martell’s top-selling downloadable Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook

More and more families are struggling with debt – be it escalating mortgages, credit card debt, or trying to save for a child’s education or retirement. The truth is that day-to-day living has become more expensive and keeping up is a battle, and most people have all but given up their dreams of finally getting ahead.

But this just doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, there is a legitimate, proven way to make money – whether to simply supplement your current income or to provide a full-time income for you and your family, and it’s called affiliate marketing.

And perhaps one of the Net's longest running affiliate marketers, James Martell, who has been teaching his tried-and-true moneymaking techniques to people just like you for well over seven years, is now making his infamous live BootCamp training available via the Internet.

This means anyone can take advantage of this eight-week course to ensure they achieve financial freedom once and for all.

The first-ever Affiliate Marketers BootCamp - Online "Night School" Edition will begin Thursday, September 7th, with Martell coming into your home “live” through an engaging, real-time online conference room. The 8-week curriculum will be delivered every Thursday evening for eight weeks, with each night-school style course dedicated to one of the eight steps outlined in Martell’s top-selling downloadable Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook.

Normally delivered in three consecutive days in Martell’s hometown of Surrey, BC (Canada), the BootCamp materials and live instruction have been further broken down to ensure online BootCamp attendees fully grasp each of the eight steps, and can have the time to apply these and ask Martell questions in the live question and answer sessions held at the conclusion of each evening course.

When asked about her experience at Martell’s most recent BootCamp, attendee Julia Mahler said this: “The past 3 days were truly amazing. I learned SO much, became re-motivated and re-inspired to continue my publishing business, I've lost sight of my dreams over the last couple of years - I can see them again now. Thank you!”

Martell, who, until recently, was not convinced that online classroom technology would allow him to effectively and efficiently deliver his instruction via the Internet, has earned quite a reputation as a teacher. His students fly from across the world to attend his three-day BootCamps and regularly report significant increases in their sales (and their paychecks) after jump-starting their online efforts with Martell’s eight-step methodology.

For Martell student Roman Gill, a true paid search expert, the difference can be seen in the development of his websites. “I received significant value in walking through your methodology to develop quality websites that rank high in the search engines naturally. Many things to absorb and try to implement our web strategy,” said Gill.

Martell student Laurie Watkins found Martell’s information top-shelf and his delivery to be exactly what she needed to get her online business on track and keep it there. “First class! Great presentation, excellent stage presence, (and) good use of time. Well done! Keep up the good work,” Watkins said!

And online BootCamp attendees are sure to concur, for Martell’s new online conference room will showcase Martell as he walks through the same videos he uses in the off-line BootCamp, with real-time audio and more.

Much like the original BootCamp, which started in Oct. 2005, the online BootCamp is targeted to new and experienced affiliate marketers alike, to those who already have Martell’s newly released Affiliate Marketing Handbook - "2006" (THIRD EDITION), and are looking for the extra push they need to get up and running, and to “newbies” looking to break-into this exciting and profitable career

In fact, these are the very reasons the original BootCamp was started and why it continues to boast sell out crowds.

It all began when Martell’s students asked for something more. They wanted to spend time one-on-one with the successful affiliate marketer. But the demand far exceeded anything one person could handle and so Martell set out to teach to his infamous eight-step approach to a number of people at once, all the while maintaining the personal, one-on-one experience his loyal students requested.

And the BootCamp events were a hit from the get-go.

But Martell continued to hear from students who were unable to travel the distance to his hometown or unable to take time away from family and other obligations, or who simply could not afford the trip and accommodations and therefore could not take advantage of the very offer they asked for.

So, back to the drawing board he went. And, once introduced to an online conference room that could be used to deliver his training in the same one-on-one atmosphere, while allowing people to attend from their homes (foregoing travel and expenses), he knew he had another BootCamp winner.

And, as expected, the response from students has been overwhelmingly positive, not only because of the convenience and affordable costs it allows, but because Martell’s online BootCamp packs years of his personal research, development, and experiences into eight evening sessions, making it a truly invaluable investment.

Attendees can expect Martell, who has tapped into more than 60 different industries and boats nearly 100 specialty shopping sites via the Web, to use his robust online conference room to show exactly how to:

Get And Stay On Track
Research Topics
Work with Web Publishing Software
Choose Templates
Plan Site Maps
Develop Keyword Lists
Use His Keyword Density Formula
Choose Merchants
Arrange Hosting
Submit to Search Engines
Work with Authors on Elance
Arrange Quality Inbound Links
Monitor Traffic
Manage Site(s)
Adjust to Online Change
And much more...

“Martell’s BootCamps are excellent, in depth and informative", explains BootCamp attendee Howard Hood. “Martell clarifies content in the manual and proves we all have the knowledge and abilities to succeed in affiliate marketing.”

For more information, CLICK HERE

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