Wednesday, December 13, 2006

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Received this Free Report called - "Give PPC the Finger" that reveals how to attract floods of qualified Leads to your website... without pay-per-click, without relying on fickle search engines and without complicated linking strategies

It sure appeared as some hyped up offer for free that says how to succeed in the near future, [although I have my doubts ]

Nonetheless, try taking a break from whatever it is you are doing and have a peep at this report and let me have your views..

Please note that this report is not something phenomenal, but since these things change with time.. so the results might not be the same after some time... anyway worth givin at a shot !

Monday, December 04, 2006

Making Money Online With The Rich Jerk ?

Obviously, there are many ways to make money online.

There is Adsense, AdWords and many other best ways to make money, but this took the cake.

You must have gone through books and writings of Alex Mandossian, Dan Kennedy, Harvey Segal, Jason Potash Jay Abraham, Jeff Mulligan, Perry Marshall, Ralph Wilson, Robert Allen,, Willie Crawford, Jim Edwards, Joe Vitale, Ken Evoy, Lynn Terry, Mark Hendricks, Markus Allen, Marlon Sanders, Rosalind Gardner, Shelley Lowery, Stone Evans, Terry Dean, Vincent James, Willie Crawford and so and so forth but The Rich Jerk ?

I had been writing about just about anybody... but it was time I thought I gave this guy a shot

No, this guy is definitely not from the usual league, yet he promises that Internet treasure chest

Now what are these so-called easy ways to make money and fastest way to make money, that you don't know of?

It becomes even more irritating by the number of posts displayed at webmasterworld, warriorforum, digiforum or whatever forum

The Rich Jerk claims and in most cases he is right to show how to find fastest ways to make money.

In fact you are contemplating alternate business opportunities where that can you make money. And you are even thinking of dabbling to make money in real estate or make money in stocks and Forex. Anything seemed to be better than make money online from home

Now we know that affiliate marketing is a safe and time-tested strategy for making money online. But this book, took the cake, the name and the razzmatazz

Besides, this was the book that initiated many a person into this make easy money mess…..

I had to get it whatever the cause.

Now what are these new PPC strategies, ClickBank strategies or Adsense strategies strategies to everyday wealth, that we don't know of already?

Besides, I was recently reviewing some profiles of some friends involved into affiliate marketing and noted that most of them face difficulties to make extra money, despite generating the usual amount of cash from their site. (I am not excluding myself from this privileged list)

One of the reasons is that we expect to make money fast. The other reason could be the strategies applied.

Now, characters such as The Rich Jerk who come out with such publications can only make, my make money from home, matters worse.

Mainly because, to the successful affiliate, it is always how much money can you make, and to the struggling affiliate it is always how do I make money online. That equation will not change

Imagine trying to get rich quick and how to make big money in a month.

Nonetheless, I was still curious.

You dabble in his newfound strategies and seemingly they work. All of a sudden you become more curious because your how to make extra money file is beginning to receive input

This book has got much attention recently, mainly because of the number of sales it has generated in such a short time.

Throughout he is absolutely arrogant, but then who cares. His methods are popular, they seemingly work and he has a huge fan following

His ideas work, mainly because his methods are easy and practical

Yes, the strategies highlight in the book, do generate quick cash, albeit short term.

Its becoming obvious that people have bought this course not because of any secret marketing systems, but because of the basic common sense strategies that has made him The Rich Jerk

The book is especially useful for newbies and once again, I highlight the fact, that it does show how to make easy money with an affiliate program.

Additionally, some of the methods are interesting to the seasoned affiliate as well.

Mentioned below is a link should you wish to obtain more information.

Hope you Make Money Online With The Rich Jerk

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