Friday, June 30, 2006

Article Directroy Pro And Adsense Ready

Articles and article writing are an essential part for any affiliate marketer marketing his website

On the other hand, many web marketers use articles to earn a good income from Google Adsense, by building content rich sites with articles and other quality content websites.

Now, any site needs to be marketed.

There is no point in having content rich sites, if it doesn’t reach the correct target source. Besides, for a busy marketer, submitting each of the articles to directories, takes considerable time.

Article Directory Pro is a powerful web site news and article content management system, specially designed for the busy marketer.

It is created to speed up the activity of adding news, articles, press releases and any other type of content to your web site as easy and convenient as possible.

With Article Directory Pro [ADP], you can start your own article directory submission website in a matter of a few minutes.

The user administration system allows you to authorize trusted writers to help you update and manage your website. Give them permission to add, edit, and manage any part of the content management system directly from the editors admin area.

The better part is that Article Directory Pro [ADP] comes with the built in Google™ AdSense feature that will add your Adsense code to every page of your article directory.

So actually, other people will submit articles to your directory and you can have a growing database of 1000's of original quality content witch will pull search engine traffic and grow your Google Adsense Revenue.

The ADP is also a very advanced but simple to use script and you can see all the great features by clicking below link;


Even with the Article Directory Pro [ADP], there are some people who are too lazy to write their own articles, despite the fact that it comes with a built in ready Adsense code

If this is the case, then you can go for this 150 Content Rich Ready Made AdSense Web Sites and start your own small Google AdSense empire within minutes. Each of these 150 sites have over 200 pages and cover different subjects. For more info, click on the below link

150 Content Rich Ready Made AdSense Sites

On the other side, you can always use the Article Directory Pro [ADP] which comes with its built in Google™ AdSense feature to add your Adsense code to every page of your article directory.

Then there is another alternative for those who want variety

The Desktop Adsense Cash Machine

To describe this in a few lines - you either have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and dozens of hours finding content to build a website with. Then you need to have a search engine optimized website designed by a professional or designed through expensive website design software and make do with all the articles you have. In short, you need a content rich website to attract search engines, visitors, and clicks and other thingmajigs to your Adsense ads...

This cutting edge desktop robot automatically finds articles, builds content rich adsense sites with them, and even uploads the completed sites to your server!

So, get any of them today - The Article Directory Pro Or The Content Rich Adsense Ready

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Article Submission Directories

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Google Guides And Adsense Guides

Still Trying To Make Money With Google ?

The Article Directory Pro Or The Content Rich Adsense Ready - get your article writing organised today !

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Matt Cutts

Check this out......

Matt Cutts, Cat Blogger

No offense , but only complements...... maan you do make a great picture !!

PS. This is a nice site.. they have more such pictures !

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pings And Blogs

Pinging lets dozens of services which specifically track and connect blogs to know that your blog has been updated.

Subsequently, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents and thus increasing your blog’s popularity.

Althought Pingomatic and other ping services may be rather popular with bloggers, there are times you may have asked yourself this question – whether there are really any alternatives to these services ?

Mentioned below are alternative pinging services that ping or notify a number of blogging services, which subsequently keep track of weblogs and publish them.

  • Pingomatic - is one of the most popular and specialized services. It also creates a bookmark for each ping url.

  • Ping The Empire - Pings 18 common blog tracking services.

  • Blogomatic - Just enter the rss url and it submits to all the 12 listed services

  • Feedshark - Ping, submit, & promote your blog, feed for free to multiple services.

  • Pingoat - 52 blogging services, including special services and non english tracking services.

  • King Ping - Pings multiple services about 18 in all and is easy to check and uncheck boxes.

  • Blogflux Pinger - Pings 32 services, including several specialized and language specific services

  • BlogBlip - Submits to 15 popular blog tracking services.

  • - Pings 16 popular services.

  • PingQueue - Pings 16 preselected popular services.

  • Pong - Free desktop ping application that notifies blog tracking web services about updated blogs and feeds. It supports XML-RPC protocol and pings up to fourteen services at a time

  • A further comprehensive list of blog [XML-RPC] pinging services are given below;


    For more information on google guides, visit

    There are more pings out there, and some may be even better than the above mentioned.

    So, if you know of any ping services which you feel should be added to this list, please do post it so that I can add it to the above list

    Happy Blogging

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    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Are you running an online affiliate program ?

    Affiliate programs are the best way to promote your online business.

    And busy tracking the affiliates, the links, the commissions and the customers? You definitely need affiliate software to do the effective affiliate business but how should your affiliate software should be like is a question to ponder about.

    Your affiliate software is the tracking software that is designed to enable you to start your own online affiliate business. The software makes it very simple to manage the online affiliate business by keeping a track of all your business worries by few clicks. You just have to spend a nominal amount of money on the purchase of the software to run your affiliate business program.
    In affiliate programs you pay money only if you get results. Thus it becomes very profitable for you to run your business. A small amount of investment in the purchase of this software can take your business to the new heights and earn heavy profits for you.

    The affiliate software you pick for your business must have many features. You must get a very high traffic to consumer exchange rate.

    The affiliates should earn cash by recommending people to your website.

    The software must have the ability to easily integrate with your existing shopping cart. The software should be able to provide search engines with friendly links.

    Basically, the affiliate software must fully automate your affiliate business.

    The online ebusiness automation companies such as QuickPayPro allow you to have hundreds of websites and webmasters selling your products.

    The QuickPayPro affiliate system is adept at tracking your ad campaigns, affiliates, links, and customer behavior and provides you with the total solution to your online affiliate business.

    It is managing over 90,000 affiliates and more than 2.5 million subscribers till date. Their service has all the basic ingredients to run your affiliate program.

    You can also try QuickPayPro's eBusiness Automation System FREE for 30 days

    However, should you feel the need to opt out of managing your own affiliate program and instead delegate it to a third party then a good option is Net Traction.

    In fact, NetTraction can manage your program in any affiliate network so that you don't have to undertake that responsibility. They also handle all aspects of the daily administration, while constantly working to raise the number of active affiliates through affiliate program promotion via incentives and relationship management.

    So get down with your online affiliate program.

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    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    Adminder And Other Ad Tracking Services

    Ad tracking services are used to track the progress of an advertising campaign.

    It is one of the most powerful tools to keep track of the progress of your ad campaigns. The service tracks an ad during the entire duration of the campaign process. Continuing an ad campaign without knowing the response it generates would be a futile exercise.

    This service tracks your entire campaign in a systematic way. It keeps a track of the number of emails opened and links clicked on by the audience. Measuring the success rate of your email campaign tells the amount of mails being read. This gives you an indication whether your email campaign is a success or a failure.

    The service also keeps track of the number of person who responded to your ad. This will give you the figure of the number of people who read and respond to your ad. You can then measure the success rate of your campaign and see if it is viable to your business or not.

    The software tracks and tells you which text attracted the maximum number of responses. You can then design your next campaign taking this factor into consideration. Next time you will know what type of ad generates responses and then you can work accordingly.

    AdtrackzAnalyzer can Track, Edit and Manage hundreds of your promotional campaigns with ease! It tells you how many people come to your website from each traffic source so you can know which ad campaigns actually work. In addition, it also tracks sales, subscriptions, downloads, etc. from each of your traffic sources and tracks sales and actions on remote, affiliate websites. It can calculate cost per click, cost per sale, and cost per action for each one of your traffic sources so you can see if the return on your investment is worth it. In short, it tracks which keyword generates the sale in google adwords, overture, or any major ppc engine and analyzes and logs your click to sale and click to action conversion ratios! Basically, AdtrackzAnalyzer offers user-friendly website split-testing, URL shortening, affiliate link cloaking and a handy URL rotator makes this program stand in a league of its own among professional solutions for ad tracking.

    Ad trackers can immensely benefit your business. If you find that a particular ad is not working out as desired, you can always withdraw it. You can see what changes need to be made. In your fresh campaign if you incorporate these changes then you will definitely gain the desired results.

    Another one of the better ones is Adminder. It reveals on a step-by-step basis, strategies on how to double your business and profits each month. Basically, it gives you a detailed version on your site visitors and where they come from so that you can make a better analysis. It costs, if I remember well about $49. Besides, they also have a two week, free test period (and you don't have to reveal your credit card details)

    To help your business prosper, it is a must that you track the result of any advertisement campaign you undertake. Hence it is important that you have the best ad tracking services.

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    save to

    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    Internet Home Business And EQ Competency

    Internet Home Business is not something new nowadays.. most work-at-home moms practise it, students in college utilise it for extra income, it keeps retirees busy and some working people use it as a part-time income source.

    Few people have also made it a full time occupation and, have succeeded as well..

    I am also in this jig, and reckon one of the things you ought to know before starting a home business is how to avoid the setbacks

    One of the important things after you have identified your home based Internet business, is that you have to sit down and analyze certain factors, i.e., your skills, the areas you are good at etc.,

    Few of the important factors required prior to starting on a home-based business venture are mentioned below.

    This is something most of us overlook - I used to, and still am a mess when it comes to organising and time management. This is mainly because of the lack of discipline that slowly filters into home businesses. No wonder they call it working in your pajamas !

    So it would help if you initially do a bit of time management and eliminate some of the things that aren't important to you. In short, readjust your priorities. What's eating up your time that you could eliminate or if possible, delegate to someone else?

    Work on your resilience, an important factor.. which is widely recognised as EQ or Emotional Quotient competency. This pertains to being able to bounce back from failures, loss, rejections and adversity. It will keep you from slowing down and wasting precious energy when you hit an obstacle or challenge.

    The EQ competency will help you maintain a sense of balance. Try not to be a perfectionist; as if you constantly dwell on the things that don't go exactly as planned, you'll get into a negative mindset. Working to stay positive and congratulating yourself occasionally is extremely necessary.

    Focus on what goes right and not what goes wrong -We normally overlook the many things that went well during a given day, and give importance to that one thing that went wrong. So just switch this around and pass it on and you will feel more relaxed.

    Every time somebody tells you something that didn't go well, counter with something that went well. This will help you build your self-esteem and resilience, and will positively affect those around you.

    Find a way to combine self-nurturing and support with a great home business that would enable you to achieve that financial flexibility.

    Surround yourself with as many positive situations as you can. If someone's really negative, that it's best to stay away from him or her.

    Even while shopping, try finding a store where the clerks are smiling and helpful. There are many. Find the office supply store where they're really glad to have your business, and pay attention to you when you're shopping.

    Most of the successful Internet businesses ventures have faced tremendous setbacks
    and they have comeback only stronger. So don't give up... the initial stages are a bit hard.. Wishing you the best in your home business.

    CLICK HERE for some more info on INTERNET HOME BUSINESS

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    Internet Home Businesses

    Internet Home Business needs commitment.

    Home business might seems easy, but actually starting a business from your home takes courage, determination and persistence

    But first ... the most important factor in starting a home business is YOU! In order to be successful, your home business has to fit your talents and interests. The second important thing is that starting a home business takes time, an investment of money, and lots of online aaffiliate marketing to get it going.

    Besides, if you want to succeed as an Internet affiliate marketer, you will have to distinguish yourself from the competition You should know your target audience and know your competition even better.

    But do not let self-doubt stop you from accomplishing your goals. Every successful Internet aaffiliate marketer gives his or her business the very best effort possible. Hard work and determination will make your home-based business a success and provide you with a steady stream of income.

    Moreover do not treat it as a part-time business

    Here are some questions to consider when you are starting a home business.

      • Is Starting a Home Business for You ?
      • Do you have the discipline to work your business every day ?
      • Are you able to motivate yourself and work without supervision ?
      • Can you handle not having a predictable, regular income ?
      • Are you able to learn new things to grow with your home business ?
      • Are you willing to market your work from home business ?
      • Read some high quality marketing books to get an idea of what is involved.
      • Are you optimistic and willing to take risks ?
      • Do you have time and money to invest to get your home business going ?
      • Is there a place in your home that can be an uninterrupted work space ?

      At the beginning, Internet home business can seem really overwhelming. It offers you unlimited income potential and the opportunity to be your own boss. You invest, take the risks and work hard to built it into a profitable and thriving enterprise.

      But here are some points to consider once you have decided to take the plunge.

      • Start-up Costs;
      • To check and identify whether there is a market for your products or services?
      • Time factor - how much preparation would be required to get the home business up and running and how much time can YOU devote to your business?
      • The Income factor and The time it would take to breakeven.
      • Whether you have the needed skills.
      • Legal side - whether the business opportunity you have identified is legitimate?

      Now get the below points sorted prior to starting a home business..

      Get a working environment that you can call your own, free from distractions for your scheduled time. Get a comfortable chair and a well-organized desk. Try and obtain a broadband connection. Your time is valuable and a broadband connection can speed up things.

      Develop a schedule that works both for you and your family and your home business. Do not let it become the center of everything – Allocate time for all your activities and try not to focus or work during these times. As one of the reasons to work from home is to spend more time with your family, don’t become glued to the desk, as it will not make any difference to you working from the office

      Also allocate time for outdoor activities and social visits, friends and to meet people

      Try not to be disturbed by others during the times allocated for the home business. This should be made aware to others at home as well.

      Try selecting a product (i.e., if you plan to sell products online) that you are interested about, rather than try and sell something that circumstances force you to. There has to be some passion, interest or hobby otherwise you tend to become disinterested very fast.

      If you are not aware of a product or home business, try and obtain some good guide or if possible try and download any free resource on that subject.

      Remember a work at home job is distinct from a home business. A work at home job offers you the opportunity to receive a regular salary and to do one specific task, and an employer pays you. Also note that a work at home job also offers more security and less risk than a home business.

      So it is important that you assess your expected monthly income and convert your time into blocks of pay-per-hour situations. You would then get a correct idea of time wasted as well as an idea on the capital required vis-a- vis planning or allocating time.

      Also try and maintain the same administrative policies, as you would do in a regular office, be it accounting, keeping books or even filing of tax claims. It would also help if you have a separate bank account.

      Try and register with an online payment company that would suit your needs. Also check whether they would have any problems regarding transfer of payments to your country (if you are based abroad)

      Lastly, always have a backup of your activities and ensure that your computer is protected at all times. Have an UPS as well as other data protectors and virus cleaners

      Try not to use free e-mail accounts. Use them only as a backup source. Once you get your own domain you can have an associated email account. This would assist in the promotion of your work from home internet business

      More info is available at the below links as well.. give them a check, something might interest you..

      Internet Home Business And EQ Competency
      How To Start A Home Business Kits
      Selected Home Businesses
      Make Money Online
      New To Affiliate Marketing ?

      It's worth a check.. for those seeking part time work ..

      Coming back to home business.. Basically try and derive satisfaction out of it. If you are doing just because others are doing it, then treat it is better to treat it as a part-time business.

      Only if you enjoy it you can make it a sustainable long-term Internet home business.

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      Thursday, June 08, 2006

      Getting a Good Mortgage Lead on the Internet

      Sometimes, mortgage brokers often fall into prey on mortgage leads that could only waste their time, effort and money in trying to work it out. Some mortgage leads could be filled with data that is inaccurate, incomplete and not completely true. Some leads could not also be new or fresh and could have been handed out already to other mortgage brokers.

      So, how do you figure out when to take a bite on an internet mortgage lead without any fear that you are wasting your time and effort working on it? Here are some guidelines to lessen your chances on not falling into any difficult or worthless mortgage lead:

      The initial step is to check if the mortgage lead is fresh. When you say "fresh", the mortgage lead is supposed to be with you in real time, meaning instantly or within 48 hours from user request. Within the time, you receive it, is also best to act upon it while the user is interested. Oftentimes, clients become disinterested when the difference from the time they gave their interest and the time you respond increases.

      Second is to check if the mortgage lead is accurate. A mortgage lead should contain all of the information below:

      - the name of the applicant
      - the co-applicant's name
      - street address
      - city
      - state
      - Zip code
      - E-mail address
      - Work phone
      - Home phone
      - Type of house
      - Current value
      - Purchase price
      - Year purchased
      - First mortgage balance
      - Interest rate
      - Type of Loan: Fixed or Adjustable
      - Second Mortgage Balance
      - Second Interest Rate
      - Type of Second Loan: Fixed or Adjustable
      - Monthly Payment on Second Mortgage
      - Behind on Payments
      - Number of Late Payments
      - Credit Rating
      - Employer
      - Years There
      - Income
      - Monthly Debt
      - Loan Type
      - Ln Amount/Cashout Desired
      - Call time
      - Comments and Questions

      Users sometimes send in inaccurate information about themselves. Some software are incorporated by mortgage lead generating companies to reduce erroneous data such as those which check area codes of the telephone numbers supplied by clients against the state they are calling from or those that check their employment companies from the data they enter. Although this software may exist, inaccuracy still poses some problems.

      An indirect solution to this is to check on the mortgage lead generation companies and evaluate among them who has employed some guidelines in order to address inaccuracy. There are some pages in the Internet dedicated to this undertaking. Check out various mortgage lead websites and the reviews made about them. MortgageLeadGuide.Com offers a comparison and review of various Internet mortgage lead generation companies.

      In their review, they've listed the various mortgage lead companies such as LeadBull.Com, Eleadz.Com, mLeads.Com, and others. Next to each company name are their leading prices for exclusive leads, non exclusive leads and custom filters. The table also contains brief information about the companies and how they work. And, links to user reviews on the different mortgage lead generating companies are also provided.

      The third and final step is to check if the mortgage lead is true. The best way to avoid bogus mortgage leads is to stay away from those that come from websites that offer incentives to clients. This incentives come in the form of points for discounts on purchases or are even given in the form of money for clients who fill out forms for a mortgage. You have to keep in mind that clients who really want a mortgage would not fall into this but rather seek out the company who could do the real work for them.

      Following these steps can assure you that you will not fall into following worthless leads. But, you should also take note what other experienced brokers who have worked with internet mortgage lead generating companies recommend that expectations should not be high in closing a mortgage lead from the Internet. Their statistics for closing such deals is 8 to 14%. Also expect accuracy of data to always fall to 80%. And, if you are able to close 8% of these Internet mortgage leads, then you can consider yourself to be doing very well.