Friday, August 15, 2008

Watch The Links In Reprint Articles

If you are using reprint articles on any of your websites - pay attention to where the links within the articles and within the resource boxes are pointing to.

You could have an article that read well with good information - but the links within could point to a ‘no-no’ site.

And you would never know it just by looking at the domain name.

Once you point a link to a website, your own website is associated with it. So if it’s a ‘baddy’, your site could get flagged by the search engines.

It’s a jungle out there. And another reason to hesitate using those fancy automated rss to blog software packages available now. Unless of course you’re just using crash and burn domains.

If you’re not monitoring where your links are pointing to, you could really harm your website.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Article Marketing Tip

I spent some time on’s distribution page and discovered a timesaver..

We can submit your article to more than 1,000+ sites who are members of the article announcement/distribution groups that we support, depending on your article’s topic/category. And we will also submit your articles to,,, and etc…, depending on your article’s category.

The smallest package starts at $10 for 5 articles to distribute - that’s $2 bucks an article! If I understand correctly, your articles would be sent out to article distribution groups (that you would otherwise need to subscribe to EACH OF THEM to submit your articles) plus several online article submission sites (62 currently) .

Looks like a good deal to take advantage of if you find yourself spending a lot of time submitting articles. One thing I could never bring myself to do is signup for all the article distribution groups out there.

For $2 an article, this may be worth a shot to test the waters and see what the results are.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Who’s Making Money From Your Parked Domains ?

How many of us have bucketfuls of unused domains?

Well if you do have domains parked at GoDaddy, take a quick visit to one and check it out.

So here’s a thought. Instead of a domain registrar profiting from your parked domain(s), how about changing things so you profit instead?

Make Money From Parked Domains

*Note: I have *zero* experience with the above programs. Check out the various terms before choosing one to see which fits best with your domain portfolio (minimum payout, payment methods, traffic requirements, etc.).

I would think earning money from parked domain monetization depends on type-in traffic. Not too optimistic that the domains I currently have will bring any traffic, but heck - it’s free to give it a twirl so why not. If I find out GoDaddy has been making major cha-ching from kazillions of daily visitors on one of my parked domains - I’ll be so mad at myself!

I’ve opened an account at sedo to try things out.